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REVIEW: Britney Spears’ ‘Piece of Me’

Britney’s residency show continued mid-August after a summer-long break. The under-appreciated hit “Work Bitch,” started the show lead by 21 of her biggest hits.

Her show hasn’t changed much from when it first started in late December. The highlight of the show came from the only non-single on the setlist, “Freak show” which a fan joins Spears and the dancers on stage and gets walked on a leash and spanked by Britney.

“Alien” once replaced “Do Something,” but the switch was undone this August. The opening costume was also changed from a nude bodysuit to a black sheer one.


Everyone should expect lip-synching at a Britney show, but this show left people wondering if there were any live vocals at all. The setlist included the slow songs “Everytime,” “Perfume” and “Lucky” that are less energetic performances and would have been improved with a live [even non-perfect] vocal. 

Jordan Miller from BreathHeavy posted that the Sia part of “Perfume” (the duet version” can be heard and “this probably wasn’t meant to happen.” 

The Vegas setlist was the first time Spears has performed “Oops… I Did it Again,” “Stronger,” “Lucky” and “Crazy” in almost a decade. She doesn’t do any of her new “BJ” non-singles, which makes the setlist prefect.

During the Circus tour, Spears rode two acrobats blindfolded in the air. Spears had the amazing Egyptian themed act and covered Madonna’s “Burning Up” while climbing a huge guitar on The Femme Fatale Tour.

The biggest spectacle of the Vegas show is when Britney jumps off a giant tree set piece during the performance of “Toxic.”

The hits were often remixed to sound more dark and dramatic which gave a new personality to several songs. The dancing was well done but she didn’t slay the choreography. The steps in “Work Bitch” video are duplicated on stage. Later in the show she performs “Me against the Music,” “Gimme More“ and “Break the Ice” one after the other with intense energy. 


They have video screens that show cool graphics and clips of music videos, but the screens don’t display Britney live on stage. 

The Axis theater is an amazing venue to see an icon. It only seats 7,000 which is about half the amount of typical venues Spears tours at. Also right outside the venue you can find displays of Spears’ iconic costumes from the “Oops I did it Again,” “Toxic,” and “Work Bitch” videos.

Vegas’ “Piece of Me” isn’t the best show Britney has done and is ranked below the Femme Fatale Tour and the Onyx Hotel Tour, but nonetheless one of the better shows Las Vegas offers.

The show is about 90 minutes long and every seat offers an amazing view. Also, don’t miss the Piece of Me shop in Planet Hollywood. The city seems to support Spears by having her music played often and posters and displays located in several restaurants and stores..


Britney Spears’ Piece of Me show may not be for every Vegas tourists, but i’d rate it a 8.5 out of 10 and add that it was well worth the money spent.

Love these peeps. Visited Stephen at work for 3 hours today. Lol

Love these peeps. Visited Stephen at work for 3 hours today. Lol

On our way to #vegas #gays #bff #lovethisguy #britneyspears

On our way to #vegas #gays #bff #lovethisguy #britneyspears

Top 30 Madonna Songs

Happy Birthday Madonna(Aug. 16!) In honor of an icon’s birth i’m making a list of my top songs from her. Ironically, i’m seeing my other favorite music artist, Britney Spears in concert today. lol

30. Hanky Panky

29. X-Static Process


28. Goodnight and Thank You
27. La Isla Bonita
26. Sky Fits Heaven
25. Frozen
24. She’s Not Me
23. Into the Groove

22. Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You
21. Impressive Instant
20. Buenos Aires

19. Open Your Heart
18. Hung Up
17. Gang Bang
16. Keep it Together
15. What it Feels like for a Girl

14. Express Yourself
13. Vogue
12. Secret
11. Material Girl

10. Love Spent
9. Music
8. Crazy for You
7. Girl Gone Wild
6. Die Another Day

5. Skin
4. You Must Love Me
3. Ray of Light
2. Human Nature
1. Like a Prayer


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I sent in this confession!




I sent in this confession!

#tbt 2 of my fav artists. #brineySpears #christinaAguilera

#tbt 2 of my fav artists. #brineySpears #christinaAguilera

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The 'Electra Heart' era - Part 1 of 2 [x]
These signs are all the ppl i love… Birds of a feather flock together

These signs are all the ppl i love… Birds of a feather flock together

Aug 5

My 30 Favorite Britney Songs

30. Freakshow
29. Seal It With a Kiss
28. (You Drive Me) Crazy

27. Autumn Goodbye
26. Circus
25. Hold It Against Me

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Lana Del Rey for Madame FigaroPhotograph by James White

Lana Del Rey for Madame Figaro
Photograph by James White

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